Moments in Time

Moments in Time

Moments in TimeMoments in TimeMoments in Time

- those special moments in all our lives we wish to mark in a unique and lasting way

Allow Moments in Time Ceremonies to create and deliver your perfect moment, full of love and happiness that you will cherish in your heart forever

what customers say

It’s almost impossible to describe the passion and obvious love that Pat has for being a celebrant - but I’ll give it a good go, as the very least I owe this lovely lady is a good review!   My husband Richard and I were lucky enough to have Pat conduct our wedding back in 2017 when she was still a local authority registrar and she was an absolute ray of sunshine. 

 I’d been worried that Richard and I would be married by someone who spoke in a monotone voice, with the charisma of a wooden spoon and no personality - but we were blessed to be given the exact opposite. 

Pat knows how special your day is, and she fits into the joy of that day with ease, - radiating passion and genuine happiness.   I would recommend her to anyone and everyone for any occasion.    We can only thank her for adding to the magic of one of the happiest days of our lives!’

                         Amy and Richard

wedding couple making a heart with their hands

Pat presided over our wedding and couldn't have been more

 kind or professional. 

She calmed us when we needed it, explained the order and process, made us ready for the ceremony, and led the ceremony itself brilliantly, with well  placed wit and authority! 

It made our day memorable and we will always be grateful to her for our  beautiful wedding. 

David and Victoria

wedding couple

Your dreams, your wishes, your Moment in Time – memories forever.

Do you want the ceremony of your dreams? No restrictions re religion or location, something specially for you to remember – know the person conducting your ceremony and to your specific requirements. Dreams..................

A bespoke ceremony designed to meet your wishes at a location of your choice – a celebrant of your choice who you have specially chosen – unique words and vows which are so very special to you. Every aspect of the ceremony expressing your personality. 

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Pat Morgan is an experienced celebrant and member of the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants who can help you achieve your wildest dreams and create your perfect Moment in Time  – take out all the hard work and advise you on your wonderful journey -  be it the joining of two lives, the joyous arrival of another, reaffirming vows, or remembering the life of one no longer with us, Pat will ensure your wishes are fulfilled so you can truly have Your Ceremony Your Way. 

Pat Morgan Independent celebrant

  You may wish your celebration to be traditional or maybe include something a little different like a handfasting,  Quaich (Loving cup) or unity candle. You may wish your guests to be included with their vows to you. The choice is endless. As an Independent Celebrant Pat will work with you the whole way and help you achieve your perfect Moment in Time.

Ceremonies are important occasions and there needs to be a certain amount of gravitas, but they are also joyous occasions and it is great to have some fun!

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If you would like to share your dreams with me why not make contact for a free no obligation call or meeting to discuss how we can dream together and create your perfect Moment in Time.

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