If you want a beautiful ceremony, full of symbolism and ancient tradition why not consider a Handfasting? An old Celtic ceremony and the origin of the expression ‘tying the knot’. 

As part of the ceremony the couple’s hands are wrapped and tied together with coloured ribbon or cord to signify their lasting commitment to each other.  The couple retain the ribbon, still tied as a symbol of their union. It was used in this country as a legitimate way to express commitment to each other until the Marriage Act came in which severely limited couple’s freedom of choice.

A full Handfasting is a complete ceremony in itself and often conducted in a place of natural beauty such as Stonehenge or Rollright Stones (subject to appropriate permissions). It is held in a circle and can include symbolism for the four elements of earth, fire, water and air. The circle, like wedding rings, symbolised an everlasting love that has no end.  Guests can be involved in the ceremony and it is a truly magical way to celebrate a marriage or renewal of vows, or even an engagement where the couple could handfast for a specific length of time. It is a beautiful ceremony for whenever a couple wish to express their commitment to each other.

Alternatively ‘tying the knot’ can be incorporated into a more traditional ceremony, often performed just after the vows and exchange of rings – it’s a bit difficult to exchange rings with your hands tied together!  It adds a truly special Moment in Time for participants and guests. 

The fee for a full Handfasting , designed specifically for you is dependent on location and requirements but starts from £450. 

‘Tying the knot’ can be incorporated into a more traditional wedding as an enhancement. 


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