Ceremony Enhancements

Your ceremony from Moments in Time could be made really special and memorable with the addition on one or two enhancements.  Take a look at the brief descriptions below and if any of them strike a chord, let's chat about how we can make your day something you and your guests will remember forever.

Unity candle - uses two taper candles, lit just before start of the ceremony and a larger Unity Candle. After the vows couple jointly light the Unity Candle with the two other candles, the light from Unity Candle is brighter than the individual.

Jumping the Broom - symbolizes a new beginning, sweeping away old cares and worries.  At the end of the ceremony the couple jump over a besom laid on the floor, representing a joyful leap into married life together.

Sand Ceremony - uses three glass containers, two filled with different colour sand and the third into which the couple each pour a colour, representing the inseparable blending of the couple’s hearts and lives.  Other colours can be used to include children from previous relationships.

Loving cup or Quaich - the bride and groom share their first drink together as husband and wife to toast each other’s health. Groom holds the Quaich or chalice while bride sips from it and then bride holds it for groom to sip from. 

First Kiss/last kiss – a way of including bride’s and groom’s mothers in the ceremony. Both mothers, who gave them their first kiss after being born, are invited to give them their last kiss before being married. Often included without the mother’s prior knowledge to add an element of surprise.

Knot Ceremony – a mini handfasting, signifying the term ‘tying the knot’ –see handfasting page

Rose Ceremony – the bride and groom give each other a rose just before or after being declared husband and wife. A rose, the symbol of love, is a perfect first gift between husband and wife.

Breaking glass – Jewish tradition – Groom breaks glass at the point the couple are declared husband and wife. Signifies marriage is an irrevocable act but is also a warning of the fragility of marriage. 

Hand Blessing - a blessing spoken while holding hands palm upwards. Hands are considered to be a connection to the heart and a hand blessing symbolically brings two hearts together. 

Oathing Stone –  a Celtic tradition, bride and groom hold hands together on a stone as they say their vows. It signifies a more binding oath.

Other traditions from your own family, culture or religion can be included.  Or why not create a new feature that could become a family tradition of your own.